Ways to Save Money in College

As a college student, saving money can be hard. We’ve compiled a list to help you save your hard-earned money. Believe it or not, we live by these tips too. What better way to provide advice than with some methods we’ve already tested ourselves! We hope you’ll be able to use some of these methods during your years in college and into the future. 


One of the first dilemmas you’ll face as a college students is having to buy expensive books for your classes. Let’s face it, you won’t even read half of the chapters in your class for some of them. Instead of buying new books, we recommend that you rent your books!

We’ve noticed some students purchase expensive books in hopes to sell them later on for an equal or higher price they bought them for. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Bookstore can’t always guarantee that they’ll buy your books back for the price that you’re hoping, or if they will be buying them back at all later on as their need for books fluctuates every semester. You’ll actually be saving yourself SO much money by renting!

At Textbook Solutions, we aim to keep our book prices lower than your on-campus bookstore and rent out books up to 90% off their new price.


You should also look into what is included in your tuition: take advantage of the amenities that your university offers! If you’re looking to keep in shape while in college and are looking for a gym, don’t spend your money on a membership. Most universities have a gym for their students. All you’ll need to show at the door is your student ID. You can get fit and stay active without spending more money!


On a similar note, we know that some classes can be super time consuming when it comes to homework and assignments, which may limit your meal times. Don’t let that pressure you into eating out every day. Many universities offer meal plans included in the tuition that will give you access to the cafeterias and on-campus restaurants. It’s already included, so you’re not spending more money by eating out!

One healthy, money-saving tip for eating and drinking is to always carry a reusable water bottle with you. It’ll not only help you in staying hydrated but also save you money. If not eating on campus, you should also consider the time of day that you go out to buy your next meal. We highly suggest visiting your favorite place during Happy Hour! Restaurants are more likely to be having special offers during that time.


In addition, most universities have a computer lab that allows you to print all the documents you need for free. Instead of having to purchase a printer, paper, and ink, all you’ll really need is your USB or Google Drive information and your school ID. You won’t have to worry about not having enough ink or paper!

Of course you’ll need a means of transportation to and from the computer on campus. While having a car can be useful, you can also look into taking the shuttle. If you live in university housing they most likely have shuttles all around – and the best part is, you don’t have to pay for gas! The shuttles on campus are designed to help the students get from their dorm to classes on time. We suggest scoping out the shuttle stops and checking out their itinerary.

Student discounts

People always say you should always carry your ID, and we couldn’t agree more. When you go out, never forget to ask if they have any active student discounts. If you’re in need of electronics/entertainment, Apple, Sprint, AT&T, Office 365, Best Buy, Dell, Spotify among others offer discounts for students! Restaurants like Dairy Queen, Buffalo Wild Wings, Waffle House, and Burger King can help you save 10% on your next meal. Don’t be afraid to ask if a place has any student discounts!


If you’re just not sure if you can keep track of your expenses by yourself, don’t worry! There are actually various budgeting apps designed to guide you. They’ll not only tell you how you’ve been spending your hard earned money, but how much you’ve been spending in transportation, shopping, dining, etc. Here are some budgeting apps you can use for free: Mint, Wally & EveryDollar. They can also help you in alerting you when your next bill is in addition to creating monthly budgets so you can stay within your ideal budget and save some moolah!

We know how hard it can be to save money while in college. At Textbook Solutions we aim to help you Save More Green. We hope that with these tips you’ll be able to do just that!

Sweet and Savory Restaurant Birthday Rewards

Birthdays are great for celebrating with friends and family or simply just having a beautiful day off where you can relax on your own.  It’s the day where you get to be happy for another wonderful year of new experiences and new memories. So why not make the day a little sweeter? There are a couple restaurants you can go to for delicious birthday rewards both, sweet, savory, and everyone’s favorite word – free! So why not treat yourself on your special day at some these familiar places!


Most of the time everyone needs some coffee to start their day, and at Starbucks, you can get a free cup of coffee on your birthday. Simply sign up here and become a member of the Starbucks Rewards program, and you will receive a coupon close to your birthday for a free drink. You can order your regular coffee, a latte, Frappuccino, whatever you’re craving! It’ll give you the boost you need for a day of different activities during your birthday.


Known for their breakfast, you can have a tasty Build Your Own Grand Slam deal at Denny’s on your birthday. All you must do is sign up for their rewards program with a valid email address, and they will send you a coupon to use at any Denny’s. You can have fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, and eggs made any way you like.


If Denny’s isn’t your favorite, you can also get a stack of sweet pancakes at IHOP because one of the best kind of cakes to get on your special day is pancakes. Once you sign up for their rewards program with an email address, you will get a coupon on your birthday for free Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity® Pancakes. You can get peaches, strawberries, or raspberries on your pancakes topped with some whipped cream!

Moe’s Southwest Grill

After eating a sweet breakfast, you are probably going to want something savory of lunch so why not head on over to Moe’s Southwest Grill. If you download their app or sign up for their rewards with an email address, you can get a coupon for a free burrito. You can build it any way you want with your favorite beans, rice, and choice of protein. Also, once you sign up for the rewards, you will get a free cup of their famous queso, which will go great with your free tortilla chips that come with almost every meal.


Of course, a lot of people like to go to Chipotle when they are in the mood for some southwest food. You’ll be pleased to know that you can get a birthday meal here as well. You can get a free burrito once you sign up for their rewards program through their app or with a valid email address. Get some Pico de Gallo in your burrito for some extra deliciousness!

Golden Corral

Maybe you want lots of options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on your special day. If you sign up for the Golden Corral Good as Gold Club with an email address and your birthday you will receive a coupon to use at any Golden Corral. The coupon will let you have an all-you-can-eat meal at any time of the day. You can even get a little dessert if you still have room for it!


You might want some dinner at Chili’s instead. Once you are finished with your feast of their famous baby back ribs (or anything else from their menu of variety), you can get a free dessert on your birthday. Just sign up for their rewards program and fill out some information!

Dairy Queen

Ice cream is good and even better when you can have it on your birthday. If you sign up for Dairy Queen’s Birthday club rewards, you can get a coupon for a free Blizzard or Royal Blizzard. The cool thing about this coupon is that depending on when you receive it you can use it 7 days before your birthday, on your actual birthday, or 7 days after your birthday. So, you are free to get some ice cream to celebrate or keep for the next week and get some ice cream later.

Steak ‘n Shake

Maybe you want a dessert you can just grab and go since you have places to be on your birthday. You can get a special birthday milkshake from Steak ‘n Shake if you sign up for the Steak ‘n Shake eClub. They’ll send you a coupon close to your birthday so that you can get your shake of any flavor.

Smoothie King

For your birthday you might want something fresh instead of constant sweets. Something that has fruits or vegetables for a healthy alternative to your new year of being a brand new you. You can head over to Smoothie King for a free birthday smoothie! You must download their Smoothie King Healthy Rewards app and fill out some information. It’s nice to be able to take a break with something refreshing like a smoothie.

No matter how you celebrate your birthday, we hope you can enjoy some of these cool rewards. Have a stellar birthday and keep being the awesome person you were born to be!

Discounts With Your Student I.D.

College life has its ups and downs, but one major perk is all the discounts you can get with that small piece of plastic: your student ID! There are hundreds of places that offer discounts or freebies by verifying your student status. We have found 28 websites and stores that can help you save money!

Student Discounts at Retail Stores

  • Amazon: With your student email, you can get a 6 month free trial of prime, then pay 50% less than the full prime price after the trial ends.
  • Sam’s Club: Discounted membership and a $15 giftcard when you sign up.
  • J.Crew: Your student I.D. can get you 15% off full priced items online or in store.
  • Banana Republic: 15% off your full priced purchase when you show your ID in store.
  • Madewell: 15% off when you show your student I.D.
  • Kate Spade: 15% off your purchase when you sign up through UNiDAYS.
  • Levi’s: 15% off your purchase when you sign up through UNiDAYS.
  • Nike: 10% off online when you verify that you’re a student.

Student Discounts on Electronics

  • Apple: Apple offers “education pricing” for all students, even if you have just been accepted to a college. This discount can be up to 15% off Apple products.
  • Norton: Students can get 50% off protection software for your computer.
  • HP: Students can get up to 55% off select products and free shipping if you sign up through UNiDAYS.
  • Lenovo: Select your school and get up to 25% off certain brands, plus free shipping.
  • Sony: Up to 10% off products for students.
  • Adobe: Students can get up to 60% off “Creative Cloud” design software.

Student Discounts for Entertainment

  • AMC Theatres: They offer discounted student tickets on select nights when you show your I.D.
  • Spotify: With your student email address, get Spotify Premium for $5 a month (also includes Hulu and SHOWTIME).
  • Cinemark: At select Ciemark theatres, show your student ID to get discounted tickets.
  • Regal Cinemas: Certain locations offer student discounts when you show your ID. Check the list here to see if your location offers this discount.
  • Many museums or art galleries offer student discounts. Check out your local museums to see if they have any discounts for students!

Student Discounts on Food

  • These fast food restaurants offer 10% off meals at participating store locations when you show your student I.D:
    • Arby’s
    • Dairy Queen
    • Dunkin’ Donuts
    • Firehouse Subs
    • McDonald’s
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: If the university you attend is on this list, you can get a free appetizer with any $5 purchase.
  • Chick-Fil-A: You can get a free drink when you show student ID.
  • Wingstop: They run a promotional where you can get 15% off all combos Monday-Friday from 2-6pm with your student I.D.
  • Hello Fresh: 15% off every box plus free shipping when you sign up with UNiDAYS.

There are so many more student discounts out there to take advantage of! Another tip is to check out UNiDAYS, an app exclusively for college students that has TONS of discounts for restaurants, clothing stores, electronics, and more! Comment and tell us about other student discounts you’ve found!

Black Friday Deals

Scarf down that last piece of turkey and head on out for Black Friday! Here’s a list of Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) deals and ads. Stay safe and shop on!

Black Friday Deals

Amazon – Black Friday has started early with Amazon’s 7 Days of Deals!

  • Amazon is offering FREE standard shipping for everyone (no minimum purchase required).
  • Amazon Prime members get early access to deals when they shop using Amazon Alexa. Just ask Alexa “Alexa, what are my deals?” to shop early access sales.  
  • Amazon is also offering great free trials and membership offers!
    • Get 3 months of Amazon Music Unlimited Membership for only $0.99!
    • Try 30 days of Amazon prime for free
    • Try Amazon Student Prime for 6 whole months for free!
    • Try Amazon Kindle Unlimited for 30 days
    • Get a 3- day free trial of Audible
    • Try Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for 30 days
  • Here’s a few notable Black Friday deals available now:
    • Buy 3 All-New Echo Dots for  $69.97
    • Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free for $99.99
    • Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote for $24.99
    • Ring Video Doorbell 2 (& an All-New Echo Dot add-on for no additional cost) for $139.00

BestBuy – Black Friday sale prices are valid from November 22 – November 24.

  • Here’s a few notable Black Friday deals to watch out for:
    • 50 in. Samsung Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR for $327.99
    • 2 Google Chromecasts for only $25
    • Apple Watch Series 3 starting at $229
    • Samsung Gear Sport for $179.99
    • Cannon EOS Rebel T6 Camera with 18-55mm and 75-300mm lenses for $399.99
    • Google Home Hub for $99.99
    • Google Home Mini for $25

Target – Stores nationwide open for Black Friday at 5pm local time on Thursday November 22nd until 7am on Friday November 23rd.

  • Here’s a few notable Black Friday deals to watch out for:
    • Free $150 Target GiftCard with a qualified activation of iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T
    • Free $250 Target GiftCard with a qualified activation of iPhone XS or XS Max on Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T
    • PlayStation VR bundle for $249.99
    • Roku Ultra for $49.99
    • Roku Streaming Stick with Enhanced Voice Remote for $29.99
    • iPad starting at $249.99

Costco – Stores will be closed on Thanksgiving but will be open on Friday at 9 am local time.

  • Here’s a few notable Black Friday deals to watch out for:
    • Canon EOS SL2 DSLR Camera 3-lense Bundle for $679.99 (online only)
    • Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera 2-lense Bundle for $499.99  
    • Bose On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless headphones for $99.99

GameStop – Black Friday deals are available in-store on Thursday from 3 pm to 10 pm and will resume on Friday at 7 am.

  • Here’s a few notable Black Friday deals to watch out for:
    • Free $50 GameStop gift card with a purchase of any new Nintendo Switch. Xbox One or PS4 console
    • Xbox One X 1 TB Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 for $429.99
    • Various games ranging from $27 to $38 like Call of Duty Black Ops 4, FIFA19, Madden 19, Assassins Creed Odyssey, NBA 2K19.



  • All cosmetic, beauty and personal care gift sets – BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF at Target
  • MORPHE Set 502 – 9 Pc Vegan Brush Set – $19.50 at ULTA
  • URBAN DECAY Naked Petite Heat Eyeshadow Palette – $15 at ULTA
  • URBAN DECAY Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette – $25 at ULTA


  • Keurig K-Mini Single-Serve Coffee Maker – $49.99 at Target
  • Nespresso VertuoPlus Limited-Edition Bundle – $129.99 at Target
  • Wondershop™ 6-ft. Alberta Spruce Artificial Tree (Multicolor or clear pre-lit tree) –  $30.00 at Target

Electronics and Software

    • Samsung 38″ 4.1 200W Soundbar – $169 at Walmart
    • Apple iPad (6th generation) – $249 at Walmart
    • Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Camera Bundle – $55 at Walmart
    • Google Home Mini – $25 at Walmart
    • Toshiba – 43” Class – LED – 2160p – Smart – 4K UHD TV with HDR – Fire TV Edition – $329.99 at BestBuy


  • Razer Chroma Gaming Bundle – $95 at Walmart
  • Sony PS4 1TB Slim Spider-Man Bundle – $199 at Walmart, Target, GameStop and BestBuy
  • Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Creators Bundle – $199 at Walmart, Target, and BestBuy
  • Nintendo – Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Neon Blue/Neon Red Joy-Con – $299.99 at BestBuy

Other Retailer Black Friday Ads
Home Depot
For more deals and ads, visit BlackFriday.com