Staying Awake in Class

We’ve all been in the class where it is hard to stay awake. Here are some tips for staying awake in class!

  • Take a cold shower.
    Getting up a little earlier to take a cold shower can help you wake up quickly.
  • Bring a water bottle.
    Drinking plenty of water can help you stay awake in class. You can’t fall asleep if you’re constantly drinking water.
  • Eat a snack.
    This doesn’t mean to eat food that has no healthy attributes. Foods like apples, nuts, and strawberries have natural substances that can help you stay awake.
  • Sit in the front of the class.
    Placing yourself at the back of the class is a sure way to fall asleep. There is more of a chance of not falling asleep if you sit in front of the class because the professor is standing in front of you. Sitting in the front can also make you want to participate in the discussion, which will help you stay focused and comprehend the subject better.
  • Good posture.
    Not only does sitting in the front (or middle) of the class help you, but having a good posture can also help stay alert. Slouching in your seat can trick your mind to get too relaxed. Sitting up straight can help you stay alert when the lecture is long and you’re having an off day.
  • Use the restroom.
    Excusing yourself from the class to go to the restroom can help stretch your legs and body. Splashing some cold water can also help you stay alert.
  • Sleep more.
    Getting more sleep the night before your class can help you stay alert. If you’re well rested then you don’t have to worry about falling asleep in class the next day.


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