Only have 24 hours to study? How to make the most out of your study time!

In a pinch and need to study quickly? Here are the best tips we have to make the most of your study time!


Great testing/quizzing tools and tips:

  • Organize your notes!
    • Studies show you can recall information better if it is closely related.
  • Practice Elaborative Rehearsal
    • Uses meaning to help remember and store information.
  • Quizlet
    • An app which allows you to play quizzing games on your phone.
  • Good ol’ flashcards
    • You can have your friends and family quiz you!
    • Studies show that you learn the information more effectively when you teach it to others 😉
  • Kahoot
    • An app that is similar to quizlet, it allows you to create your own questions and gain points for every correct question. It is the perfect study game to play with friends!
  • YouTube
    • Watch YouTube videos for terms you struggle to understand.





  • Testing yourself or practicing is much more effective for remembering information compared to repeatedly reading your notes.
  • Repeated studying influences a student to become overconfident and to falsely believe that they know more than they actually do
  • Using self-reference (information that is related to you) can help improve long-term memory
  • The Action Observation Effect states that memory is better for observed actions than for verbal statements (visual imagery).


Practicing with friends is a great way to study. Although, we do not recommend procrastinating, we hope these strategies help you do well!  Testing/practicing allows for better retention and it helps keep the information in your memory for longer.

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