Tiny Space Solutions

Whether you’ve just moved into a dorm or into your new studio apartment, maximizing your space should be at the forefront of all your furnishing decisions. Not only can it de-clutter your new home, but there are so many items that have multi-purpose use!

3 Things to Remember

The biggest factor to consider when maximizing your space is your color scheme. Black may be your favorite color (like your soul or whatever) but lighter colors tend to make any space feel airy and open. Add pops of color here and there but keep it at a minimum. Appearing to have a lot of space is critical when you don’t actually have a lot of it.

The second step in de-cluttering your new digs and maximizing your space is getting as much stuff hung up on your walls or even on your ceiling! If you’re not allowed to make holes in your walls, there’s plenty of paint-safe tapes and gummy alternatives – just be careful not to put too much weight on what you’re hanging. When you absolutely can’t hang anything, just think vertical. What can you stack higher instead of laying it out on the floor?

The last thing to consider when furnishing your new apartment is functionality. My absolute favorite is anything that can be folded up and put away when I don’t need it. But aside from that, there are so many products that can double as storage!

Space Saving Products

If you’re anything like me, getting ready is a multi-step journey. The bathroom is easily the first room that gets cluttered, especially if you’ve got roommates.

  1. That cup you store your toothbrush in can be a cesspool of mold and bacteria. Water from your toothbrush drips down into the bottom and unless you dry your toothbrush after every use or clean the cup out regularly, you need another alternative.  I’ll also use this opportunity to shamelessly plug my advocacy for closing the toilet seat cover before you flush. Toilets can project water (and other things) up to 6 feet with every flush so unless you wanna splash everything you own – toothbrush included – with toilet water, you might wanna think twice about using that toilet seat cover. This covered toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser keep the germs at bay while saving you counter space. Get it from Amazon for $8.99.
  2. This nail free multi-purpose bathroom caddy has a shelf for your toiletries, hooks for miscellaneous items, and a towel bar. Get it from Amazon for $31.52.
  3. Nothing is worse than opening your sink cabinet and having everything tumble out. This cabinet organizer hangs from your cabinet door and holds all your cleaning supplies or just about anything else. Get it from Amazon for $12.99.
  4. Storing items on your toilet tank is a balancing act – one wrong move and all your stuff topple into the toilet bowl (if you don’t habitually use your toilet seat cover). Gross. This over the toilet organizer gives you peace of mind that you don’t have to go fishing in your toilet. Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

A cluttered bedroom is the beast that can keep you up at night. Is that shadowy figure in the corner of your room a looming monster or your clothes chair spiraling out of control? Did the evil dust bunnies under the bed eat your missing shoe? Is today the day you pass out from the ‘sniff test’?

  1. Never lose another shoe with a hanging shoe organizer. This organizer has 24 pockets, store your shoes individually or double up on flip-flops and sandals. The best thing about these types of organizers is that you don’t necessarily have to use them for shoes. You can use it for your pantry items or even in the bathroom for your toiletries. I personally use the middle row for storing socks – because who wants to dig around a sock drawer for 20 minutes when you’re already running late? Get it from Amazon for $7.87.
  2. Full-length mirrors are a must-have in any closet but having it propped up against a wall isn’t exactly ideal. An over-the-door mirror solves this problem (and gives you the right angle for flattering #mirrorpics). Get it from Target for $14.99.
  3. Okay, so you’ve used your closet door for the optional non-shoe hanging organizer, and the hanging mirror. Where do your shoes go?! Under the bed with the evil dust bunnies. The same rings true with this organizer as the hanging one – you can use it for other stuff too. Personally, I’ve opted for the organizer without dividers so I can use it for storing items that don’t get used every day such as important documents and travelling gear. Get the divided organizer from Amazon for $10.99 and the undivided organizer also from Amazon for $9.02.
  4. Get rid of that scary clothes chair by having a hanging clothes organizer. Stick this bad boy in your closet so you no longer have an excuse to not study at home and you wont even need an expensive bulky dresser. Get it from Amazon for $6.15.
  5. When you’re living tiny, full-sized furniture isn’t always an option. Hanging shelves are your best friend when it comes to displaying your knick-knacks. Though functional, always keep in mind the total weight your hanging shelves can bear. Get this floating corner shelf from Amazon for $9.89.
  6. For heavy duty bookshelf space, get this floating shelf that can bear up to 18lbs.  from Amazon for $39.65.

Now that your desk chair is newly reformed and useable – make your desk more inviting so you aren’t tempted to always go out to study. Studying at coffee shops and tea bars can put quite a dent in your pocket especially when caffeine is life. 

  1. When you’ve got a tiny desk to begin with, having extra items on your desk can eat up much-needed space for your laptop, notebooks, textbooks, and other study materials. Next thing you know, you’re knocking over that cute ceramic pencil holder, your Starbucks has spilled all over your rental textbook, you’re screaming, your roommate is crying, and everything is on fire. You don’t need that. Instead, hang desk-cluttering items on your wall. Get this hanging pocket organizer from Amazon for $10.99
  2. Keeping your notes organized can be such a challenge and finding notes can be an even harder feat. Get it together with this hanging file organizer. Get it from Amazon for $9.24.


There are so many great space saving storage solutions on the market and many items on this list can be easily found at your local shops for a cheaper price. Don’t let tiny living be cramped living!

*Amazon prices subject to change from the initial publication of this post


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